Recognizing Excellence Across All Fields

The Huddle Up Award honors students in athletics, the arts, agriculture, and other activities.

The Huddle Up Award

From outstanding athletes who go the extra mile to artists who captivate us with their creativity and agriculture students who cultivate a better future, we believe in recognizing excellence across all fields.

Join us in celebrating the talents, achievements, and contributions of these remarkable individuals who make our community shine bright. Together, let's inspire and uplift those who excel in their passion and make a positive impact. 

Nominate deserving candidates and stay tuned for updates as we showcase their remarkable stories and honor their accomplishments!

Calling All Students

Join the ranks of outstanding athletes who have made a positive impact in our community. Whether you excel on the field, court, or track, we want to hear your story and celebrate your accomplishments 

Whether you're a musician or have a unique artistic skill, we invite you to share your masterpieces with us. Your artwork has the power to inspire, captivate, and make a lasting impact in our community. 

We believe in the power of agriculture to feed our communities, protect our environment, and sustain our future. If you're actively involved in agriculture studies, projects, or organizations, we want to hear your story and recognize your contributions.